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It's me, Emily!

WHAT: Teacher Share is a video platform we can use to see the amazing teaching happening here at Forsyth.

WHY: I have always valued time spared during the school day for instructional rounds. My hope is that Teacher Share will bring some of that valuable observational time right to you and even spark new connections across campus. 

VISION: By taking time to watch short videos of each other teaching, we can break the ice and better know one another through our shared passion for education. 

If you are ready to share a video, lets set up a time to chat!


During Our Meeting

ONE: We will chat about what you would like to share with our community!  The goal of this first meetup is to plan your video together. We want this video to give teachers on campus a snippet of your day as a Forsyth teacher. 

Some ideas of sharable videos include:

  • morning meeting

  • daily sign in practice

  • favorite songs you sing with your class

  • grade level traditions

  • positive sayings/mantras/ words of encouragement you say as a class throughout the day

  • favorite games

  • review of cool materials you like to use

  • your favorite part of the classroom

  • display boards! 

  • a lesson recap, how did it go?

  • morning strut in, how you start your day

  • tried and true classroom songs/games/attention getters that never get old

  • mindfulness practices in the classroom

TWO: Pick a day to film. Would you like me to film or would you like to film?  We have an easy to operate camera that I can teach you how to use, or if you are more comfortable using a phone, this is a great option too!  Don't worry about capturing "too much", I will pull out the best bits for the final video. 


THREE: Share your  footage with me and I will get to work on the edits based on our pre-discussed plan for your video. 

(Don't worry, I will make you look great!) I may reach out to you during this time for a "voice over" to further describe elements of the video. This can be done on your phone and shared easily through email. 

FOUR:  Finished videos are always 3 minutes or less. We will put together a brief description to tag along with your video and how the community can find you if  they want to chat more!


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