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When we dive deeper into the lives of children, we can better understand what they need from the adults in their life. The community of parents and teachers who share content on this website believe in promoting forward movement in education through information sharing.

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How I got here

To me, what makes a learning environment progressive is the group of adults devoting their professional life to education and growing their practice. WOW this is a big statement. I have felt the power of love for education and I believe in working hard to get better every day so the children we teach can feel empowered. 

The Connection to Science

When a teacher learns something new at a workshop or from a book, their classroom becomes the lab for research and implementation. It is so fulfilling to learn something new, try it out and experience the benefits through reflection and positive outcomes for students.  

Moving Forward

There are hard truths about the way some children are floating through school, having repeated experiences, and doing the same worksheets, as the children a decade before them. We hear about the deletion of outdoor time, and the ever growing pressure on testing and wonder... is this wrong? 

Instead of diving into what is wrong, I challenge you to consider what is right. Ask questions and continue adding layers and depth to your teaching practice. School can be enhanced through a community of informed teachers, parents and administrators who share fresh and culturally relevant ideas to each other. 

I am hopeful TWS can help to start those conversations!

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