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Ways to Experience Nature in St. Louis

MDC (Missouri Department of Conservation) does a great job creating events for families to experience the outdoors at their own comfort level. Check out their schedule of events for the St. Louis area!

We know being in nature is good for every mind, body and soul. Missouri is a great place to experience the outdoors; here are a few of my favorite places to wander.

powder valley.jpg
Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center
August A Busch Conservation Area
Lone Elk Park
Litzsinger Road Ecology Center
Queeny Park
Shaw Nature Reserve
Cliff Cave County Park
Castlewood State Park
Blackburn Park

Always bring a DAYPACK with...

  • Water Bottle: stay hydrated

  • Tissue/toilet paper+bags: bathroom breaks happen in the woods; pack in, pack out

  • Field Guides: mushrooms, trees, poison plants, OH MY they are fun to ID

  • Picture Book: any time is always a good time to read

  • Picnic Blanket: to sit for a while in a beautiful part of the woods

  • Tools: magnifying glass, bug catcher, pocket knife,

  • Camera: document your findings

  • First Aid Kit: for that pocket knife

  • Rope: creative inspiration may need a rope

  • Journal and colored pencils/sharpener: sketching what you see will have a lasting connection

  • Extra Clothes: you never know!

  • Snack or Lunch: something that will last in your pack and sustain you during your visit

  • Whistle: 3 times if your in trouble

  • Dry hand towels: for any reason

Dress for the cold season in..

Being prepared for your experience in nature will make sure you and your children are comfortable and can ENJOY the time, which will lead to more interest in being in the great outdoors! 

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