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Place Based Education Overview

  • Uses your location and community (schoolyard, neighborhood, natural features, stores, historical monuments, architecture etc.) as the core of instruction

  • Student learning progresses over time from local to global 

  • inquiry based and learner centered

  • place is seen as a blend of economy, ecology and culture of a community

Fun Facts

Unique To Place 


In a true Place Based Educational environment, education is rooted in culture, values and relationship specific to the community.


One community cannot be replicated. This holistic perspective suggests that we learn best when we use what is around us, in our place, because we can relate and we live here.    


Life and Citizenship Skills


Place Based Education addresses true community ideas and concerns which ties learners directly to the content in real and authentic ways. 

Within this practice, learners are challenged to think critically about their actions thus developing skills such as; decision making, self direction, reflection, communication and collaboration.  



Community As Resource

Members of a community contribute to efforts of student learning. PBE is about considering all angles of community interaction. Students learn how choices can lead to change and forward movement by engaging the community. 

EX: Students notice that there is a certain amount of trash piling up in an area near their schools neighborhood (natural inquiry). They wonder why this is happening, so they look closer at the trash and notice that there are a large amount of wrappers from a local fast food restaurant. This problem is further researched by visiting the restaurant and asking questions to staff and visitors.

Perhaps they will then notice that the trash cans are placed in a bad place, or people are choosing not to clean up. Students decide to act on this and create new places to dispose of trash, or to bring awareness to this problem. At this point, students can engage local waste management and dig into possible solutions.    

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