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Know Yourself Well

A self-portrait is considered one of the most introspective art forms. Your are spending time looking at yourself day after day to get every detail down.

As you draw, you are considering yourself in this moment in time. How do you prefer to wear your hair and why? How many freckles are on your nose? What is the exact shade of your eyes: nutmeg, golden brown, rich chocolate? Your expression. Your teeth.

When students draw self-portraits, take time to allow them to get to know themselves in this moment. Let them take a week, or two, to perfect the lines and angles.

Provide many ways to view themselves: pictures, mirrors, a friends description. Time will allow them to be truly reflective in the moment. In the future, they will be able to see how they have grown individually over time in their own description. Keep the picture safe for the next years to come!

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