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  • Students have complete responsibility for their own education 

  • The school is run by a direct democracy; students and teachers are equals

  • Students independently decide what to do with their time and learn through experience vs. coursework 

  • k-12 


Fun Facts

The Judicial Committee


A group of students and teachers who meet daily to discuss and enforce the school rules. School rules are created at school meetings based on a variety of factors: complaints, incidents, suggestions etc. 


The judicial committee decides the consequence if a school rule is broken.  



Students have true freedom to explore any interest they have, so long as they follow established rules in the school "rule book". 

There isn't a traditional method of instruction, only plentiful resources for students to dig into whatever it is they are interested in. 


Students graduate when they are able to produce a thesis that is accepted by the community.  

No Teachers

Teachers are "staff members" of a Sudbury School. Staff members must have professional experience in education. 

Staff members share their personal talents and interests and students may request that they open up a workshop or a class to teach about the topic. 

Staff members are a resource for students! 


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