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Why Children Should Use Real Tools

This video is one example of an experience with tools your child can have.

Home Depot offers classes --> 

Other Ideas

  • Hammer nails into a ceiling tiles

  • Let children paint their projects

  • Start nails in a tree log

  • Attach bolts to a piece of wood – have children match the corresponding nuts

  • Add Styrofoam craft shapes to go with the next upcoming holiday

  • Hammer golf tees into a styrofoam

  • Nail milkcaps or bottlecaps onto wood (good for wheels)

  • Hammer bubble wrap

  • Make "geoboards" (adding rubberbands)

  • Have children write their initial or draw a picture on a piece of wood, then hammer nails to form that shape

  • Take apart a broken appliance. Cut off the cord(s) for safety.

  • Take the woodworking bench outside in the summer.

  • Have an area to display finished products (or "works in progress")


How Infants Learn to Use Tools -->

"Babies are teaching us something, all the time. Some of the building blocks for both the preschool period and later adulthood are really present in the infancy period." 

-Developmental psychologist Jeffrey Lockman, PhD

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