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Giving Tomatoes: Generating a Culture of Kindness

We all want our children to be kind, compassionate and generous. So, how do we teach them to be self-motivated to do kind things? It's in the little moments; consider this story.

A Story:

A friend has a garden, booming with tomatoes. He took his 3 year old son to the garden to eat tomatoes fresh from the vine and to pick a few for the salad they would make for lunch.

"Look at all of the tomatoes! We have so many!" he says to his young child.

This experience brings them happiness and they are thankful for their garden, filling a bucket with ripe tomatoes.

Teachable moment:

"We have more tomatoes than we could eat. Who would you like to give some yummy tomatoes to?" asks the father. The little boy says, "Grandma!"

They get a bag together and fill it with tomatoes. The little boy delivers the bag to his grandma, smiling and excited about bringing this experience to his grandma.


Giving feels good and makes others feel good! When you have the means to give, it is important to think of others.

The father has just provided an opportunity for his son to experience what it means to give by using specific language. Asking his son who he wants to share with instead of if he wants to share generates a culture of giving. This simple extra step goes a long way. Enjoy watching your child grow their tree of kindness!

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